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Curly Care Video Series Saturday -- 04.18.2009

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Introducing a series all about curly hair! Here they are!


Routine changes over the years; No more KC for me Tuesday -- 04.14.2009

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After looking at PMs I sent to two users two years apart, it was really interesting what changed and what stayed the same. I’m gonna post them, and then talk about them. (Really you don’t have to read this if you don’t want to–the routines.)

Routine as of March 2007

I am on the cg routine, no exceptions. Although that’s probably more from laziness than from diligence. Ocassionally I clarify with lemon juice or the old inexpensive sulfate-free activate poo to wash out pool water or just make my hair feel clean and soft.

First I wet my hair and co wash with any suave naturals co (one w/o silicones). I get out of the shower and part my hair at this stage. Then I rinse it all out and distribute Kenra Moisturizing Co (found at ulta). This might be too heavy for warm, humid weather but I haven’t found a replacement yet for my old summer hg, activate co.

Anyways, then I detangle my hair, first with my fingers, and then a wide-toothed comb, adding more co if needed. Then I let the co sit in my hair and continue with the rest of my shower. Then I rinse out about 80% of the co. I just like to make sure my hair doesn’t feel like straw.

After I get out of the shower I squeeze my hair gently to remove most of the water and immediately distribute products. First I use LOOB (Loreal Out of Bed Instant Texturizer found in black tub at drugstore). I put product on a hand and rub them togeth. I get enough to coat both my palms and scrunch it into sections of my hair, upright.

Then I take about two golfball sized globs of LA Looks sport look gel and distribute it in the same way (gradually). Experiment with the amount of gel you use, b/c my hair is just extremley porous and it takes alot of gel. I’m thinking of trying BRHG. Then I scrunch my hair in sections, making sure to curl the coarse parts individually around a finger.

Next I gently scrunch my hair with an old tshirt. If any hair looks out of place I might graze it lightly with gel. Next I loosely plop with an old tshirt for 15-20 minutes. After I take my hair down I usually wait for it to dry a little and then tuck some behind an ear. I might add a headband or pull back a section with a bobby pin or two. I have never gotten the hang of overnight plopping or 2nd day hair, but if you do tell me!

Routine as of April 2009

First I co-wash with suave naturals coconut conditioner. If I went swimming in chlorine or my hair has build up I might use a sulfate free ‘poo at this point, but I don’t have to very often. I also love doing lemon rinses.

Next I put a bunch of rinse out CO in my hair and detangle with my fingers, then a wide toothed comb. I’ve been loving loreal vive pro hydra gloss, but for super moisture I like aubrey organics honeysuckle rose. During the warmer months I like to add honey to my conditioner.

Then I rinse out about 90-95% of my CO. I apply a leavin CO to dripping wet hair (giovanni direct leavin), by scrunching. Then I apply a lot of gel (scrunching). My favorite that I’ve tried so far is herbal essences body envy.

The I use my curls like us cloth to scrunch out the extra water. Then I get some more gel and do the skip curl method on some curls underneath. Finally I plop with my curlease for as much time as I have.

I let my hair airdry generally, since I am clumsy with the dryer, and once it’s completely dry I might use some jane carter nourish and shine to scrunch out any crunch. I don’t tend to get crunch with HEBE though.


OK, so in conclusion I can see that only one of my products stayed the same! My staple, which smells amazing, Suave Naturals Coconut. (Oh and I guess lemon juice and honey.) I renounced my other glycerin filled products (LA Looks) or drying stuff (LOOB) this winter, and haven’t gone back since. But it really was an awesome combo, so maybe I will pull that out for summer. Anyways, I have also moved on from leaving in my conditioner to using a leave in conditioner. I’ve also moved on from a tshirt to a towel. I know soooo much more about products. The Kenra CO I was using before was LOADED with proteins. ewww. So, now that I think about it I have made lots of progress. I am a refined curlie, lol.

About the second half of this title, I have been using GDLI and HEBE lately instead of KC products. It just took too long to dry! Like 4 and a half frikkin hours! I go to school with wet hair, so I just feel weird with wet hair for that long.  Everyone else comes to school with dry hair! It’s not that I look like a wet rat–my hair’s volumnosity makes it so it looks like normal thickness wet. Click below to see a pic comparison. It’s ca-ca-ca-ca-crAZy!

Hee hee, do you like the macbook effects? I lurve my mac. aaahhhh

Anyways, It only takes like 2-3 hours with HEBE, and my hair isn’t weighed down at the roots. Also it smells better. KCCC makes me want to retch. :/ I’ll definitely try this again later, but why experiment if HEBE is AWESOME. I just couldn’t get ahold of it, because my local drugstores have dcided to stop carrying it. to the rescue! I think if you’re gonna carry a line of products, you should carry the whole line. For example my WF, only carries the lotions from Alba, not the hair products. They’re severely lacking in styling products as it is. Thankfully I will have a Vitamin Shoppe in my town soon. Recs anyone? =]


YouTube baby! Sunday -- 03.29.2009

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My YouTube Page

I’ve gone videorific! This will not be all about hair but you can expect that one will crop up. This is mainly just silly stuff. Hope you like it!

P.S. I’ll do more videos this later, but for now I’ve taken off the videos as I received some nasty comments from an internet troll. They weren’t realy supposed to be public anyways. On a lighter note, they will probably be howtos for! Get excited!


Toying with haircut ideas and a little curly fun Tuesday -- 03.24.2009

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I am still loving the kinky curly products. My hair is sooooo soft, and it the curl really seems to form better. (That might just be the higher dewpoints, however.) The only beef I have is that my hair seems to have lost some volume. That’s kinda nice, since it’s not huge, but I miss it as well. I posted before on this thread that I didn’t identify with my curly hair, but I sure do identify with my thick hair. I’ve always felt that sraight hair is so much more conveinient and matches my personality. At the same time I couldn’t bear to have very thin hair. (Nothing against anyone who has thin hair–it’s just a personal preference.)

On to the next order of business! Currently my hair is just barely BSL. I was chagrined when my stylist cut off about 5 inches of my hair at my last hair cut, but then I adjusted, and now it seems to be just as long as before. So I’m thinking for summer I will get my hair cut in a bob!!! There’s been a lot of buzz on curltalk about short hair and I’m thinking with my new KC products I can probably pull it off. Not to mention, short hair is so much easier. Then on the other hand, I know I will miss the long hair and I worry about getting triangle head. I haven’t ever had my hair that short and tried to style it down, so this is rather scary, but terribly exciting at the same time. Also I need to be able to put my hair up for marching band. I’m hoping a jaw-length bob wont be too short for that reason. I’m about 90% sure I will get it cut short. eek!

On a different note, here is an image I meant to post on here from the start. For my English class (hey wait English, not graphic design?) we were supposed to create an advertisment and explain the rhetorical strategies used (that bit’s semi-English). Anyways, here’s mine. (Well just the pic. I really don’t think you want to read 300 words of BS.)


I thought it was fun, and I really enjoyed using my curlknowlege in a school assignment.  Oh and by the way, DevaCurl deserves full credit for the frizzassist term. The whole youtube video cracks me up:


Success with kinky curly products! Saturday -- 03.21.2009

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I had a bit of a hectic school week, so I didn’t get to post these immediately, but I am really loving this kinky curly stuff (KCNT & KCCC). I had a much better hair day today when I used some BRGH as well. It just didn’t have enough hold before. Pics!! (Click to enlarge.)

co wash suave naturals coconut conditioner

rinse out l’oreal vive pro hyrdra gloss for dry hair

kinky curly knot today

kinky curly curling custard

bisosilk rockhard gelee

plopped with curlease towel


Kinky Curly products Saturday -- 03.14.2009

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Hello! I’m going to try to blog regularly, but I am pretty occupied with band and highschool, so if I only get only a post a week, I’ll feel pretty accomplished. For example today I took the SAT at 8 this morning. 😛 I was not a happy camper.

On to better and brighter things! Two days from now is my birthday, but we had my birthday celebration last night. I got lots of neato stuff, but most importantly to you curlies, I got Kinky Curly Knot Today and Curling Custard! I have been waiting to try this product for ages.

Kinky Curly Curling Custard

Kinky Curly Curling Custard

I tried these products today, but I had to do an overnight plop, and I roll around a lot in my sleep. I also had to run through the rain, and I kept messing with my hair while I took the test. So I don’t have pics, but I am still pretty jazzed. (Pics tomorrow I promise!)



easy to use container

great slip and detangling

light, fresh scent


amazing hold and definition

great moisture

huge container

interesting, snot like texture



still smells like ucky coconut


ucky coconut smell (why isn’t there an unscented version? why????)
hard to open with wet hand

Overall you can see I really like the KC products! I hope these work for spring and summer. 🙂


A little curly history

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I looked at my first blog post, and realized what a horrible introduction that was. So let’s just start over, shall we?

Me: Hello!

You: Hi there…

Me: How are you?

You: Erm, fine. Who are you?

Me: Sarah!

You: Right. Ehhh bye. *walks away, and starts to run*

Me: Oh all right then!

On to business, I am a southern girl who lives in Kentucky. I have a dog named Jake and he is an irish water spaniel. Zzzzzzz…

Gosh my attention span is short lived. Anyways, I guess I’ll get to the main point of this post–my curly history! When I was a little girl I had really curly blonde hair. My mom would just let it do it’s thing, and put it into poofs or down.

Sadly, my hair did not stay that way. As I grew older my curls began to elongate and my mother began to brush them out every morning. I hated having my hair brush. It hurt like hell, but now I am certainly NOT tender headed. The result was something like this

Making a needlepoint keychain

Making a needlepoint keych

The ultimate triangle head. Yes! My hair is actually wider than my face on both sides, wow… Once I came to my senses, or after Ryan Martin decided to tell me my hair was poofy in the 2nd grade, I put it up in lot of braids and ponytails.

Sitting at my elementary school graduation

Sitting at my elementary school graduatio

And that’s pretty much how my hair stayed until 8th grade. That christmas I got a hair straightener. Thankfully, I was much too lazy (or smart depending on how you look at it) to spend an hour and a half frying/burning my hair every night. That’s when I went on a search for curly hair. As an avid bookworm what did I do? To the library! After, enviously devouring every picture and bit of advice on this site, I checked out Curly Girl from my local library. I tried doing my hair a few times, but I was totally unawares of silicones, waxes, or basic styling at all, so it just got put back up in the bun. If I wore it down, it was completely natural and really frizzy