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A little curly history Saturday -- 03.14.2009

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I looked at my first blog post, and realized what a horrible introduction that was. So let’s just start over, shall we?

Me: Hello!

You: Hi there…

Me: How are you?

You: Erm, fine. Who are you?

Me: Sarah!

You: Right. Ehhh bye. *walks away, and starts to run*

Me: Oh all right then!

On to business, I am a southern girl who lives in Kentucky. I have a dog named Jake and he is an irish water spaniel. Zzzzzzz…

Gosh my attention span is short lived. Anyways, I guess I’ll get to the main point of this post–my curly history! When I was a little girl I had really curly blonde hair. My mom would just let it do it’s thing, and put it into poofs or down.

Sadly, my hair did not stay that way. As I grew older my curls began to elongate and my mother began to brush them out every morning. I hated having my hair brush. It hurt like hell, but now I am certainly NOT tender headed. The result was something like this

Making a needlepoint keychain

Making a needlepoint keych

The ultimate triangle head. Yes! My hair is actually wider than my face on both sides, wow… Once I came to my senses, or after Ryan Martin decided to tell me my hair was poofy in the 2nd grade, I put it up in lot of braids and ponytails.

Sitting at my elementary school graduation

Sitting at my elementary school graduatio

And that’s pretty much how my hair stayed until 8th grade. That christmas I got a hair straightener. Thankfully, I was much too lazy (or smart depending on how you look at it) to spend an hour and a half frying/burning my hair every night. That’s when I went on a search for curly hair. As an avid bookworm what did I do? To the library! After, enviously devouring every picture and bit of advice on this site, I checked out Curly Girl from my local library. I tried doing my hair a few times, but I was totally unawares of silicones, waxes, or basic styling at all, so it just got put back up in the bun. If I wore it down, it was completely natural and really frizzy

Right so this is what my hair looks like now, curly.  Just to show the length of my hair, here is a pic of my hair straightened. Yes, that is the same haircut! I get some major shrinkage. I’ve gotten much better with my flat-iron (a CHI) over the years; however, please excuse the pony tail crimps and such.


2 Responses to “A little curly history”

  1. SarahZ Says:

    I remember those early days and even when I was in middle school. I am 27 now and I absolutely hated my hair when I was little all the way up till about the age of 22. Middle school was a total nightmare for me. I still remember this chant this kid came up with for me, “Sarah’s getting rough and tough with her afro puff.” It was so embarrassing.

    Now with all the good products and such out there it’s not so bad anymore and I’ve even learned to love my curly hair. I had it thermally straightened and found out the hard way that I’m just a curly girl at heart and always will be.

    At least if I have a little girl with curly hair someday I’ll know how to style it properly for her.

    Thanks for all the videos; they’ve been super helpful.

    • whimaway Says:

      You’re welcome. 🙂 I’ve had my share of nicknames. My soccer team dubbed me “sheep,” which is actually kinda cute, but I abhorred my camp nick name of “Sarah-Fuzzy-Haira.”

      You can access all my videos from my youtube page, if you were accessing them here. Just click on the linked button in any of my videos.

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