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Books to Read if You Like Mistborn Wednesday -- 09.14.2016

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4 Books to Read if You Like Misborn.png

Brandon Sanderson, an award-winning author, had his first foray into an epic fantasy series with Mistborn, which includes The Final empire, The Well of Ascension, and The Hero of Ages. Endearing characters, a romantic subplot, and a highly unique system of magic breath life into the books. The story also centers on a strong female lead as she grapples with the problems presented in the dystopian world. If you couldn’t put the Mistborn series down, you’ll enjoy these books too:


Moving to Blogspot Wednesday -- 03.09.2011

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When I first wanted to start a blog I picked out wordpress because I heard you could have more originality. However, I didn’t really like how much harder it would be to set up. I am just not going to spend that much time to figure out how to modify things. So I’m moving this blog to blogspot. I don’t know if anyone actually reads by post, but click here.


Let’s use blog more often, lol Sunday -- 09.05.2010

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I’m back again to make a sporadic post. Here are some recent YouTube videos:

Three Bun Styles – Messy, Classic, and Hair Sticks:

Curly Care: Blow Drying With Diffusers (+DevaFuser Review):

Curly Care: Styling Curly Hair Wet:

Curly Care: Growing Long, Healthy Curls

I think I’ll start using this blog to post both YouTube videos and new wikiHow articles. kthxbai 🙂


Long time no see Sunday -- 09.27.2009

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Well I’ve decided to resurrect this blog, mainly because it adds traffic to my videos and I can put stuff here i don’t want to put on wikiHow or youTube or twitter.  Here’s a few of my latest YouTube videos:

Those are just the highlights–feel free to check out my channel if you’re interested. 🙂


Clarifying, Dandruff, And Dry Scalp Tuesday -- 04.28.2009

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… and also rubix cubes! 🙂

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Pineapples and CG Before and After Sunday -- 04.26.2009

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Hope you like these! =]


Monday -- 04.20.2009

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More videos are up!

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